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  1. What age groups does the Dero TFC Academy serve?

    • Our academy serves players from ages 5 to 18. We have different teams and programs for different age levels.
  2. What is the philosophy and mission of the Dero TFC Academy?

    • Our academy's philosophy is to develop well-rounded, confident, and skillful players while fostering a love for the game. Our mission is to provide a positive and inclusive environment for players to grow and reach their full potential.
  3. How are teams formed and players selected at the Dero TFC Academy?

    • Teams are formed through a combination of player evaluations, coach recommendations, and team placement processes. Our goal is to create balanced teams and ensure players succeed.
  4. What is the schedule for practices and games at the Dero TFC Academy?

    • Practices are typically held three times a week and games are on weekends. The schedule is subject to change based on field availability and other factors.
  5. What is the fee to join the Dero TFC Academy and what does it cover?

    • The fee to join the academy covers the cost of coaching, field rentals, equipment, and other expenses. The exact amount varies based on the program and level of play.
  6. What equipment is required for players to participate at the Dero TFC Academy?

    • Players are required to have soccer cleats, shin guards, and a ball. The academy provides a uniform for games.
  7. What is the policy on playing time and player development at the Dero TFC Academy?

    • Playing time is at the discretion of the coach and based on the team's policies. The academy prioritizes player development, but also takes into account factors such as team balance, player performance, and game strategy.
  8. What support services does the Dero TFC Academy offer for players and families?

    • The academy offers a variety of support services, including coaching clinics, player development programs, and access to health and wellness resources.
  9. How does the Dero TFC Academy handle conflicts or concerns?

    • The academy takes all conflicts and concerns seriously. Players and families are encouraged to bring any issues to the attention of the academy's leadership for prompt resolution.
  10. Does the Dero TFC Academy provide scholarships or financial assistance?

    • The academy does offer scholarships and financial assistance to families in need. Interested individuals should contact the academy for more information on the application process.
  11. How can the Dero TFC Academy be reached for additional questions or concerns?

    • The academy can be reached by email at or through our website at
  12. In what leagues does the Dero TFC Academy play?

    • Our academy competes in various sanctioned leagues by Ontario Soccer. These leagues offer competitive play and access to the highest level of competition and resources for our players.
  13. Is the Dero TFC Academy a sanctioned club?

    • Yes, our academy is a sanctioned club with Ontario Soccer and follows all rules and regulations set by the governing body. This ensures that our players have access to the highest level of competition and resources, and that our academy operates in compliance with established standards.
  14. Where does the Dero TFC Academy train?

    • The academy trains in Oshawa, Pickering, Ajax, and surrounding areas. Our aim is to provide convenient and accessible locations for our players